Robertsons of Pitlochry started buying casks and bottling in 2015. It has been an interesting journey since the 1st cask of Tomatin was bought. One thing was clear from the start, all the casks bottled were to be Single casks, natural colour, non-chill filtered and casks strength. These bottlings have grown in popularity and now play a major part in our business. Until recently, they were only available through the shop and website. We are now working with a number of partners throughout Europe to develop our export sales.

When selecting casks, owner Ewan McIlwraith doesn’t focus on a particular region, distillery, cask or finish, the casks are selected purely on their own merits. If Ewan likes the casks, he buys and bottles it. Ewan reflects that, on average, he will select 1 cask in every 10 tasted. “There are a number of casks that are on the market but just don’t deliver what I’m looking for, so they don’t get selected”.

Ewan is a judge in the Scottish Field Whisky and Gin competitions as well as judging in the World Whisky Awards anually. This experience gives him the chance to taste a wide range of whiskies, from all over the world, and hone his tasting skills. CLICK HERE to find out more about Robertsons Whiskies

Robertsons of Pitlochry were recently voted the………..

Scottish Field Magazine Independent Bottler of the Year for 2020