GLENTURRET 12yo Maiden Release 2020 46% abv 700ml


‘By Hand and Heart’ is the ethos of Glenturret and the 12 years old is a tribute to that. A whisky driven by European Oak casks which have patiently cradled the spirit from its inception 12 years ago after passing through the small batch, manual production processes which defines Glenturret. Like the many pairs of hands who have touched the life of the spirit, these oak casks quietly and slowly add their distinctive character to the whisky that matures within. Never overpowering, but enhancing and developing to give a rich, layered complexity of flavour and a deep russet colour.


Rich FRUIT CAKE dressed with WALNUTS. Sweet APPLE and GINGER in balance enjoyed with LEMON TEA. The EUROPEAN OAK politely drives the chosen strength.

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