BLEND ON THE RUN 29yo 45.6% abv


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From the Whiskysponge shop:

Introducing the Whisky Sponge Christmas Lockdown special: ‘Blend On The Run’ a 29 year old blended malt Scotch whisky with a marketing-ready story…

Many years ago, in what you call the ‘good old days’, there was an independent bottler called Signatory and it had literally shit loads of cask samples just lying about the place. Dark ones, pale ones, mostly empty ones, full ones. All sorts of delicious and funny things from the bottlings they had been steadily releasing over the previous fifteen or so years. One day, the king of Signatory, a young lad called Andrew who disapproved of carpark BBQs and enjoyed fork lift trucks, decided to sort through all these cask samples and mix the good ones together. The minimum age for these samples had to be 16 years old and they had to be single malt Scottish whiskies.

Amongst their total was many, many older Signatory bottlings from the 1970s and 1960s – including some famous distilleries and vintages – they all went into the vat and that mixture was then laid to rest in a first fill sherry butt for another 13 years until it was legally 29 years of age.

This is that resultant whisky, bottled at a natural strength of 45.6% and limited to 314 bottles. It tastes like liquefied Christmas and has a silly label based on a pun I came up with one morning that has absolutely nothing to do with all that stuff you just read.


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