ARDBEG DISTILLERY Arrrrrdbeg 51.8% abv 700ml


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Bottled to celebrate Mickey Heads and his 13 years at the helm, Arrrrrrrdbeg! is a new end of an era edition whisky, wholly matured in ex-rye casks. This mouthwatering last salute to Mickey is a first for the Distillery and a blunderbuss of fruity flavours.




On the nose, aromas of smoked banana and pear drift into hints of rye bread, sweet vanilla toffee and the gentlest breeze of aniseed. With a splash of water, citrusy lemon and lime make course through the senses, while refreshing notes of sherbet and sweet pastry come to the fore.


A spicy mouthfeel hoists up and ignites a blunderbuss of fruity flavours, such as melon and kiwi. An armada of aniseed appears, tailed by notes of smoked toffee and a distant hint of sourdough biscuits.


Finally, the long finish lingers, leaving seaspray, brazil nuts and a faint smoke listing on the palate.


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