This is an ‘Exclusive’ release from The Single Malt Distiller in collaboration with Robertsons of Pitlochry.  There will be a series of these coming out over the next few months.  With only 71 bottles of this Single Malt which have been matured in French Oak, you will need to be quick to secure your bottle.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a unique whisky distilled by Tony Reeman-Clark.

Cask 003 was the 3rd cask produced at Strathearn distillery and the first made from Virgin French Oak. Traditionally in Scotch Whisky, virgin oak was considered to impart too much “woodiness” to the spirit, but this also makes it ideal if you are looking for a shorter maturation time or for a cask that will give you that extra level of flavour. It has to be remembered that all American Whiskey, Bourbon etc, goes into virgin American oak.
European oak is generally less dense and more porous than American oak which allows for more wood to spirit contact. Although still imparting vanilla notes, there is less coconut aroma and generally adds more toasted spice notes, fruit and colour.
Cask 003 was charred but the cooperage used a different scale and compared to most whisky barrels, it would be considered as heavy toast. With small barrels it is important to match the spirit to the wood and a lower fill strength of 57% ABV was adopted to avoid the sharp intake of tannins that stronger alcohol can cause, especially with a much higher ratio of surface area to volume. The barrel was also soaked with warm water for 24 hours prior to filling.
Bottled in 2017 at 3 years and 11 months old was just the right time. It is balanced, sweet with a little bit of spice. And smooth.
Resting in a darkened room until now, this bottle is very unique. Slainte.

World Gin Awards 2021

‘Contemporary Gin’ category SILVER Medal Winner

The story of Robertsons Gin….

When deciding on what the gin should taste like and it’s provenance, I decided that the focus should be Perthshire.  Perthshire botanicals, where possible, and distilled in Perthshire.  There is such a wonderful selection of ingredients in Perthshire that coming up with a flavour profile was done by combining what I thought it should taste like to the local botanicals.

The botanicals used in Robertsons Gin are:

Juniper, Coriander, Apple – fresh, Angelica root, Calamus root, Orange peel – fresh, Lime peel – fresh, Grapefruit peel – fresh, Raspberries – fresh, Grains of Paradise and Lemongrass – fresh.

The combination of these wonderful flavours lead to a citrus led, fresh , clean tasting gin with the subtle hint of raspberry on the finish.


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