Glengoyne Limited Edition Scottish Oak Wood Finish

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Glengoyne Limited Edition Scottish Oak Wood Finish

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GlenGlengoyne Limited Edition Scottish Oak Wood Finish 70cl 53.5%

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Glengoyne Launch Limited Edition Scottish Oak Wood Finish

By Yvonne GrangerPosted on: 18 July 2005

Edinburgh, 15 April 2005: Today Glengoyne will launch its first new special edition bottling of 2005 – a unique ‘Scottish Oak Wood Finish’ single Highland malt whisky.

This new limited edition 15 years old whisky has been finished in exclusively crafted ‘Scottish Oak’ wood casks that add a distinct character to Glengoyne’s special unpeated malt whisky.

Traditionally, Scotch whisky is aged in oak casks, principally from Spain and the USA. Some whiskies are also finished in casks that have previously been used to mature wines or other spirits, so creating a variety of wood ‘finishes’. Glengoyne was the first and is the only distillery to use casks made from the wood of a Scottish Oak tree as a ‘finish’.

Iain Weir, Head of Marketing at Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd, said: “The new Scottish Oak is ideal for both the connoisseur and the curious! Glengoyne does not use peat when drying its malted barley and as a result our whisky retains its smooth pure taste. The addition of a Scottish oak wood ‘finish’ has added a unique robustness to the flavour without masking Glengoyne’s real taste.

“We were actually aiming to re-launch Glengoyne Scottish Oak Wood Finish back to the market last year however we were delayed due to the Scottish Parliament offering a tender for Scottish Oak to be used within their chamber. This created a huge surge in demand for Scottish Oak and we had to search high and low for our high quality wood supplies most of which had gone to the Parliament.”

Leonard Russell, Managing Director of Ian Macleod Distillers, comments: “We are delighted to be re-introducing this limited edition whisky back into our Glengoyne range as it was previously one of our most popular bottlings. Our aim is to move Glengoyne into the world’s top ten whiskies and with the release of this Scottish Oak Wood Finish, we believe we are starting to achieve this.”